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NFL and College Football Travel

One way to have an exciting trip is to follow your favorite college or professional football team on the road or at home. Seeing the sights, enjoying the restaurants, staying at a nice hotel and maybe even doing some tailgating before the game are a few of the things you can do to make traveling to a football game a memorable event. In addition to regular season games you can travel to NFL playoff games, the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl and the NFL Hall of Fame and for college there is Conference Championships, Bowl Games and BCS (Bowl Championship Series) games for the top NCAA Division I teams and the College Hall of Fame.

NFL Tickets  The official source for NFL (National Football League) tickets.

NFL on Location  The NFL's official source for event experiences and hospitality.

NCAA Football  The National Collegiate Athletic Association web site. Schedules for all NCAA college teams.

Stub Hub  Buy and sell NFL tickets and college football tickets.

Sports Travel and Tours  Travel packages for sporting events.

Premier Sports Travel  Travel packages for sporting events.

Pro Hall of Fame  Professional football hall of fame located in Canton, Ohio.

College Football Hall of Fame  College football hall of fame located in South Bend, Indiana.

Baseball Park Trips and Travel

Baseball season is here once again and there's nothing quite like seeing a live baseball game at the ballpark. Many people apparently feel the same because according to the 30 Major League teams drew 74,859,269 fans during the 2012 regular season.

Attending a Major League baseball game is not especially a cheap form of entertainment, but it sure is fun, even for the non-baseball fan. Many Major League ballparks have excellent food and beverage options available as well as gift and souvenir shops.

In addition to Major League baseball there are many Minor League teams and Independent League teams located throughout the USA that provide excellent entertainment at a very reasonable price. There is also College baseball which includes the popular College World Series that is held in Omaha, Nebraska each summer.

So get your tickets and program, grab a hot dog and a cold beverage, find your seats and enjoy the game!

Please see below for some of the best links to help the baseball traveler.

Major League Baseball  This is as good as any place to start when talking about baseball. The site has links to all of the individual team sites as well as schedules and of course all of the latest baseball news, scores and stats. Tickets are available on the MLB site as well as the individual team sites.

Minor League Baseball
  Find a Minor League team by Class, League or Affiliate. This site is for Minor League teams that are affiliated with major league teams. Tickets are available at this site as well as the individual team sites. Minor League baseball games feature the up and coming baseball players and the occasional big league veteran. This site also provides a map of Minor League team locations.

Independent Baseball  Teams in Independent Baseball Leagues, while professional organizations, do not have affiliation with a Major League team. The players generally have at least college experience and often have previous Minor League or Major League experience.

College World Series  The College World Series is the NCAA Division I baseball championship tournament and it is played each season in Omaha, Nebraska. The College World Series is played at the TD Ameritrade Park.

Baseball Hall of Fame  Are you interested in the history of baseball? If so, the National Baseball Hall of Fame located in Cooperstown, New York is a great place to visit. Historical collections and exhibits of the best in baseball history are on display here.

Ballparks of Baseball  This is an excellent site that has information and photos for all of the Major League baseball parks. You can also find schedules, area hotels and directions to the parks here.

StubHub  If you can't get a ticket from a Major League baseball site because all of the good seats are sold out you might try StubHub. StubHub is the official MLB fan-to-fan ticket market place. You will pay a premium price but you will get your tickets.

Sports Travel and Tours  Want to have someone else do all of the planning for your baseball trip. Try Sports Travel and Tours. They have many packages available for just about every budget to Major League baseball games.

Field of Dreams Movie Site  You won't see a baseball game at this popular Dyersville Iowa site, but this is the place to see the field where one of the most popular baseball movies, "Field of Dreams" was made. "If you build it... they will come."

Skiing Vacations and Trips

There are many great places to ski and that includes locations in the United States, Canada, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand just to name a few of the more popular skiing vacation destinations. Picking out the best skiing resort for your vacation is of course a personal and subjective exercise. Are you an expert, beginner or intermediate skier? Are you interested in night life or family activities? Big popular resort or small out-of-the-way resort? What about skiing equipment, do you own and have to travel with it or will you be renting equipment? There is a lot of thought to be put into the perfect skiing vacation, that's for sure.

Listed below are several great Web sites to start you off finding your perfect skiing vacation. As always, a Web search engine is your best friend when you are looking for information and there is a ton of skiing information available. Time to hit the slopes!
Well organized, comprehensive skiing and snow boarding site.

Wikipedia list of U.S. skiing areas and resorts
  Note: Resorts listed in red text do not link to resort articles.

Twitter Travel Accounts

Here are a few popular (in no particular order) Twitter travel related accounts. Use social media such as Twitter for your travel needs including: Hotels, Car Rental, Airlines, Cruises, Deals, Tips, Guides and Help.

A few good keywords to use when searching Travel accounts include: Explore, Visit, Tourism, Enjoy and of course Travel.  From time to time this list will updated.

The descriptions below are provided by the respective Twitter account listed.

Twitter Travel:

@usatodaytravel  -  USA Today Travel
"Get the latest travel news, deals and trends about flights, hotels, cruises and destinations from the USA TODAY Travel team."

@YahooTravel  -  Yahoo Travel
"The official Twitter of Yahoo Travel. Travel inspiration and breaking news. We put the world at your fingertips. Let's go somewhere amazing."

@PeterSGreenberg  -  Peter S. Greenburg
"Travel Editor for CBS News ♦ Subscribe to the Travel Today podcast."

@NatlParkService  -  National Park Service
"America's Best Idea. #FindYourPark Tweets by the Director are signed JBJ. RT/follow/likes≠endorsement."

@airfarewatchdog  -  airfarewatchdog
The only low airfare alert site that covers all airlines. Often imitated, never duplicated. @georgehobica founder and Prez. A TripAdvisor Media Group website."

@TripAdvisor  -  Trip Advisor
"Plan and book your perfect trip on TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site."

@fodorstravel  -  Fodor's Travel
"Travel Intelligence to give you insightful observations and recommendations to plan your next getaway."

@WynnLasVegas  -  Wynn Las Vegas
"A luxury Las Vegas resort. Offering award-winning rooms & suites, signature restaurants, exciting leisure activities & nightly entertainment."

@SouthwestAir  -  Southwest Airlines"We run on #SouthwestHeart. Follow for news & stories about the greatest Employees & Customers in the world. For official concerns please use the link provided."

@VisitTheUSA  -  Visit the USA
"Formerly @DiscoverAmerica, now @VisitTheUSA. Tweets on travel to the United States of America, from Brand USA, the USA's official travel & tourism organization."

@lonelyplanet  - Lonely Planet
"Tweeting + retweeting the best in travel: in-depth articles, inspiring photography, intrepid videos. #lp | For the latest daily travel news see @lptravelnews "

Spring Training Major League Baseball

Each year, starting in mid-February, major baseball league teams start training for the upcoming season. Major league baseball teams hold spring training in either Arizona or Florida. In Arizona it's called the Cactus League and in Florida it's called the Grapefruit League. Spring training games are held during March with the regular season starting in early April. Fans from around the country, as well as Arizona and Florida fans, flock to spring training to see the team veteran's and rookie's perform hoping to see how the team will shape up for the season. To plan a spring training vacation, from purchasing tickets to reserving hotel rooms, please check out the links listed below to some of the best spring training sites.There are also a couple of sites listed that provide spring training trip packages.

Cactus League Teams:
Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds,  Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,  Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers,  Oakland Athletics,  San Diego Padres,  San Francisco Giants,  Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers.

Grapefruit League Teams:
Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles,  Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins, Houston Astros,
Minnesota Twins,  New York Mets,  New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates,
St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals.

Spring Training Web Sites:
Major League Baseball  The official site of Major League Baseball. All of the latest baseball news and links to the individual MLB team Web sites.

MLB Spring Training  The Official Major League Baseball Spring Training site.

Arizona Cactus League  Information on the Arizona Cactus League teams. Site includes a trip planner.

Florida Grapefruit League  Information on the Florida Grapefruit League teams. This site includes an electronic spring training guide.

Sports Travel and Tours Sports travel packages including tickets, hotel and car rental.

Spring Training USA  Book your spring training trip including tickets, hotel, car fare and airfare.

Regular Season Major League Baseball  Travellinkster's regular season baseball link.

Florida Tourism

Florida, the "The Sunshine State", was the 27th state admitted to the union and is located in the southeastern United States. Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and Jacksonville is its largest city. Due to its climate and hundreds of miles beaches tourism plays a critical role in the economy of Florida.

Florida is a state made of up of a variety of areas and there are many ways to break it out geographically, but we will go with: The Panhandle, the northwestern area of the state which includes the capital city, Tallahassee; The Gulf Coast which runs from Pensacola to Tampa to Naples; The Eastern Atlantic Coast stretching from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale; Central Florida which includes Orlando; and finally The Southern Tip which includes Miami, The Florida Keys and the Everglades. Each area offers its own distinct vacations opportunities.

The climate of Florida is very attractive and a top reason why Florida is such a popular tourism destination. Summers are hot and humid and the season when thunderstorms are most common. Florida has more lightening strikes than anywhere else in the United States. Tourists also should be aware of the chance of tornadoes and hurricanes occurring. The hurricane season is June through November with the peak season being August-October.

Some of the more popular things to do when visiting the state of Florida include visits to: Walt Disney World Resort, Florida beaches, Kennedy Space Center, Key West, Everglades, professional sporting events, world-class golf courses, tremendous fishing spots. And this is just to name a few. The vacation possibilities in Florida are immense.

Listed below are several Web site links to help you plan a great trip to Florida.
  Florida's official trip planning site. Order free guides and maps. Has an interactive map that is especially helpful if you know what city you would like to check out. Search events by a variety of categories.

Florida Weather  Florida average temperatures and precipitation by city by month.

Florida Golf Guide  Florida golf guide features a comprehensive directory of Florida golf courses.

Florida Beach Guide  Guide to Florida beaches by category and region.

Florida Fishing Guide Guide to Florida's best fishing spots by region and city. Features fishing reports and tips along with area information and attractions.
Disney World Guide  Unofficial guide to Disney World with insider tips and reviews.

Kennedy Space Center  The Web site of NASA's  launch center.

The Everglades National Park  The National Parks Service guide to the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.

Florida Keys  The official Florida Keys Tourism Guide the the Florida Keys.

Florida MLB Spring Training  Information on Major League baseball's Florida "Grapefruit League" spring training teams and their locations and facilities.

Florida Map:

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